baking with blackberries

Blackberries, Fennel and Rose: PacNorDub Cobbler by roxie hunt

Thanks to Nikki Jacoby's lovely grandma Lucille, mother of the legendary activist Bob Barnes, we have gotten our hands on the perfect, easy cobbler recipe.

I confess, I am a shitty baker. I cut corners, and I don't follow directions very well. But I am striving to get better. So please bear with me. The first time I made this cobbler, I tried to use half gluten free flour and it didn't work so........I say use white or whole wheat flour and real butter in this one:)

What I am pretty good at though, is innovating flavor combinations......And for this delicious cobbler, I had to look no further than my mothers alley which is currently abundant with blackberries, roses, and fennel.

  • One of my rules for foraging is that if it grows in an alley, it is fair game for picking. I stand firmly in this belief.

Summertime in Seattle is a veritable alley-way feast. If you live in the northwest, and you are craving flavor, go roam the alleys and I promise you wont be disappointed. This week, we harvested peaches, blackberries, fennel, roses, plums, and figs!

With our bounty, we decided to make cobbler following Grandma Lucille's recipe......But instead of blueberries or boysenberries, we used blackberries with a hint of chopped fennel and rose for flavor. It turned out just delicious, with the flavor of a perfect Seattle Summer.

*One small change to the recipe: We first cooked rinsed blackberries and a sprinkle of sugar on medium for 5 minutes, stirring in a tablespoon each of chopped fennel and rose.

J and the girls and I highly recommend serving yours with vanilla icecream!

xoxo, Roxie Jane Hunt